Welcome to the Project WET International Portal

What is this site?

This website serves as a resource center and professional network for educators in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Here you can find educational materials, discussion forums with other educators, places to share your ideas on water education and values based education, information on Project WET’s projects in Latin America, photos and videos of educators carrying out instructional activities and an engaging online activity for students.

You may create your own profile, personalizing it with photos, location and interests. By creating your own profile, you can easily link with other educators in your country or area of expertise.



Project WET is grounded in the core beliefs that water connects us all and that water is for all water users. Water alone is not enough to solve the world’s pressing water issues, however. Educating our youth through hands-on, instructive activities will instill values and impart knowledge to the next generation of water users, allowing them to make informed choices about water and their lives in a way that positively impacts both environmental and personal health.


What is Project WET?

“WET” stands for Water Education for Teachers. Project WET develops educational activities and curriculum about water for educators in the broadest sense of the word—from traditional school settings to informal learning opportunities such as community centers and clubs. Project WET activities are easy to teach and fun for both students and teachers, enhancing the learning process. The activities also incorporate a wide range of skills and disciplines, providing a well-rounded educational guide for teachers.